How it all began

I figure the best place to start this is at the beginning: Why a BEV and why the Focus Electric?

I’ll start with the second: Why the Focus Electric? If you’ve read the about page you will already know. In short I’m a former Ford employee who has been purchasing only Fords for quite some time now. Thus there was no “which BEV should I get” type of question and evaluations but more like “Hey Ford will be producing an electric Focus–that will be a cool car! When can I get one?”

For the “why a BEV?” question: I’ve always been the techy/nerdy/geeky person who loves to grab the latest tech (an “early adopter” if you will). The FFE* represents the latest tech from Ford, not to mention that it is already based on the 2012 Focus which got great reviews since its introduction.

When Ford announced the FFE in 2009 I knew I would want one some day. Unfortunately it took Ford a good 3 years to get the car rolled out (and to limited markets on the coasts). In the interim I began driving a 2012 ICE Focus to see what the car is all about. The reviews are correct: The Focus line is a very competent small car: great handling (which carries over into the FFE), great mileage, good looks, etc. When Ford started the great lease deals in the 1st quarter of 2013 my chance had come…

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