The waiting is the hardest part

After all the research, find the deals, etc. we go to the dealer (after all the dealer we’ve been using for years is showing that they have one in stock). Mind you this dealer is located directly across the street from the plant–you can see the plant out the window when sitting in our salesperson’s cube.

He inform us that, for whatever reason, they can’t sell the FFE that they have in stock (a black one with leather). No problem; we’ll order one. That way we’ll get the color we want (Blue Candy) and no leather–never did like leather seats. It shouldn’t take that long right? Heck the plant is RIGHT THERE!

Nope, orders typically take 8-12 weeks (this is early February). Ok we can wait for the right one as long as the incentives are still available (to the salesperson’s credit he did say that even though we ordered it we could walk away at any time if we didn’t like the deal).

Meanwhile I find out that a week after I placed my order a coworker also placed his order for a Focus Electric–in the exact same configuration.

Now the waiting begins…

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