Where is my car?

When we last left our heroes (myself, and my coworker attempting to purchase FFE’s–hey its my blog I can call us heroes if I want to! LOL) I was in the no-mans land of ordering waiting for a build date and my coworker was wondering where his car was: It was supposed to be at his dealership but didn’t show up.

The salespeople at his dealership were clueless and could only show him the schedule report that said it had missed its delivery to the dealership. I attempted to contact @FordService on Twitter to see if they had any information that they could share on the state of his car. Unfortunately the data that they conveyed was similar to what the dealer was telling him: The car was produced (at least that was the good news) but no other information about it was available.

Meanwhile, at my end of the block, I eventually received a build date (mid-May) and hoped that my car wouldn’t suffer the same fate as his–whatever that fate was.

Eventually he found a contact at the plant (where we work we often find people that know people inside the Detroit-3). His car was now a month late from the date it should have been at the dealer and the contact said it was sitting on the lot at the plant waiting for a….headliner!? What? Its the same body used by all the other Focuses how could it be waiting for a headliner? Aren’t they just laying around the plant? Pick one up and install it! Sheesh!

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