Its here!

In the midst of my coworker’s investigations about what/where/when/how is going on with his car the date mine was supposed to show up at the dealer rolls around.

Not really expecting much I call my salesperson just before lunch: “Hey today is the day. Just checking to see if it is anywhere near the dealership?” “Oh hey! I was going to call you. It’s here. Just rolled off the truck this morning” “Really!? You’re kidding right? This is just some elaborate joke?” “(laughs) No really its here.”! After peeling myself off the ceiling in excitement I gather myself enough to ask if I can pick it up later that day: “Sure we can get it ready for you tonight.”

Having done my research I had already installed the smartphone app on my phone. To pass the time while waiting for some of the paperwork to be handled I figured I would register the car with the app–it only takes a second (for the FFE when you register the car with the app a confirmation prompt will appear in the car’s entertainment display; and then a 2nd one will appear 24 hours later). About a minute later our salesman returned all freaked out: He was pulling the car out front when the confirmation prompt appeared (which he had never seen before–they don’t sell a lot of these). “How did it know you were online?” LOL!
Photo May 21, 7 47 19 AM
(Picture taken the day after delivery at work)
To avoid rubbing it in my coworkers face the next day I waited for him to visit me instead of jumping up and down in his cube “Its here! its here!” etc. He did, however, have some more news about his car though…



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