Driving a BEV is an interesting and quiet experience.

Many compare it to driving an electric golf cart around. There is a little of that, but in a golf cart you don’t have a modern car fully enclosing you with its conveniences, safety systems and sound absorbing materials.

The FFE starts with the 2012 Focus glider (the body/frame if you will). As I mentioned in earlier posts: The 2012 ICE Focus is an excellent car in its on right. For the 18 months that I drove the conventional Focus I got quite accustomed to its driving characteristics: The peppy acceleration, the way it grips the road, the very excellent brakes, how really solid it feels. Moving on to the FFE introduces a whole new element to the mix: silence. Sure there is a slight whirring noise (much like the aforementioned golf cart) but that is dampened by the thick foam you find under the hood. Once you are up to a reasonable speed (about 35 or more miles an hour) the most noise you’ll hear is some slight tire noise and the thoughts in your head.

Stopping at a light becomes almost zen like; you notice all the other cars around you buzzing, shaking, rattling, etc. (Note that hybrid and auto stop cars also get this effect as they turn off the gas engine at lights as well). The first time I drove the FFE in the rain I found the first traffic light quite interesting as I was left sitting there waiting for the green listening to the raindrops bounce off the top of the car. Then the light turns green and you hit the accelerator.

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