Going mobile…

“My Ford Mobile” (MFM) is Ford’s attempt at remote access/control of your BEV.

My Ford Mobile Smartphone appOn the whole the application gets the basics correct: Tells you correctly the state of charge, the cars status (plugged, unplugged, etc.), allows remote control, navigation features, etc. The additional features, however, don’t work so well.

It appears as if Ford concentrated on getting the basics working well and then launched the website/application before fixing/verifying all the rest. That is too bad because some of the extra features could come in quite handy. What are the extra features? Here is a small list–not inclusive:

  • Trip and charge log
  • Driver rankings in different regions across the US
  • Driver “achievements” (awards given for “green” driving)
  • A driver’s “score” from 0 – 100 based on how “green” you are driving

Here is an example of “not working well” from my experience: The Trip and Charge log seems to accurately note when I’ve driven and when I’ve charged but the values it displays are usually off (the watts/mile value is never displayed, for the charge display the charge time is always 1 minute). For the charge log it would also be useful to know how much charge, in kWh, was added to the battery in addition to knowing the final state of charge (a % value). It would be really cool if: A) these values were accurate, and B) you could download the last X days of data into an Excel spreadsheet (say 30 days or so). Other items not working well: My position in the driver rankings seems to have frozen: On the website it seems to think that I always drive at a 237 Wh/mile rate and that my drivers score is always 53–I really don’t think I’m that consistent (and I’d like to think that my driver score has increased a bit! LOL).

Due to the above inconsistencies I rarely use MFM for the above features. I’m now in the habit of only using MFM for the basic and reliable features such as:

  • Checking vehicle state (state of charge, plugged in or not)
  • Checking vehicle location
  • Remote control of vehicle (start/stop, lock/unlock)
  • Sending addresses to the nav system (which can also be done from www.mapquest.com to any MFT enabled car)

The funny thing is that even the basic features listed above go well beyond the capabilities of any vehicle I’ve ever owned in the past. In fact, for about 12 hours back in early summer, MFM communication to the cars (all of them–lots of posts on the FFE forums) was down; during that time I missed being able to “talk” to the car–amazing how quickly you become spoiled!

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