Electricity consumption for November…

Just found out I can download my meter readings from my electricity provider as an Excel spreadsheet. In addition, the readings data is down to the hour. As a result I can produce pretty graphs like this: My Focus Electric’s electricity usage for the month of November:
Pretty Graph

My total electricity from 11/1 through 11/30 was 393 kWh. Since I have the car scheduled to charge up at night you can see from the above that the vast majority of that charging happened between 12am and 12pm. The largest single charge was 13 kWh and the largest hourly charge was 7.08. Now this 7.08 figure is interesting as the car only has a 6.6 kWh charger. Thus it can be deduced that the extra 0.48 kWh is overhead due to the EVSE and internal car inefficiencies.

Another pretty graph: This one is the daily electricity usage per hour average, and maximum:
Pretty Graph #2

Note the peaks at 2:00 am and at 7:00 am in the average data set. The 2:00 am peak is due to value charging (timed charging) and the 7:00 am peak is due to the car preconditioning itself for my morning commute. This data being in November the precondition is taking a lot of power to heat up the car and melt some snow. I’ll have to post some summer data–that shouldn’t have the 7:00 am spike.

The max peaks pretty much just indicate that at some point throughout the month I’ve charged at those times (the max peaks during the day would be weekend charges).



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