What if…they actually marketed the things!

Now here is a thought provoking article: Imagine if Automakers Actually Tried to Promote Electric Vehicles!

Go read it–I’ll wait right here.

In reality we do kind of have a case study: Nissan does market the Leaf quite a bit–and they sell quite a few Leafs as well. Almost all of the other OEMs (Tesla included) don’t market their vehicles (Tesla is the exception because they get a lot of free-press and a lot of “Teslamonials”).

Now look at my lowly Focus Electric: Ford is making an excellent car (even if they didn’t engineer it in-house). Are they pushing it? Nope. Even the FFE managers and engineers have been quoted in the press saying things like “We won’t sell many Focus Electrics”. Sure you won’t:

  • Every chance they get Ford’s official voice on the FFE seems kind of split on one hand the engineers are saying that they don’t expect it to sell well and the other hand the marketers (when asked about it) try to sell it…a little.
  • Not many dealers outside the coasts have many on the lots
  • The dealers laugh at the people asking about them! (Yes this is true I know of at least one dealer in the Michigan area that has laughed in the face of people asking about the Focus Electric–fortunately my dealer wasn’t so condescending about the car)

It wouldn’t take much for Ford to push it, they could even make a “3-way” commercial advertising that you can have what you want with the Focus: A hot rod, a “normal” econobox, and the electric. Really with all the TV spots on the Focus they could devote only 1 of them about the electric and its sales would likely double overnight (yup a whopping 200 per month! LOL).

In all cases where someone has noticed that my car is electric they have stated that they didn’t even know that Ford had a BEV–and this is in Ford’s back yard!


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