10,000 miles and all is well

On my commute in this morning the odometer clicked over the 10,000 mile mark. I’m still enjoying the car very much: The novelty hasn’t really worn off at all. If it did I would have never attempted to go camping with the car (yeah there is a picture on that post of my two favorite toys: The new motor home and the FFE).

I’d report out some statistics but I don’t have any: Back in November I had the Stop Safely Now (SSN) recall performed which reset all of the lifetime statistics that the car keeps. The statistics that are shown on the myfordmobile website are laughably off. So far I’ve spent about $500 in electricity to cover those 10,000 miles (which works out to about a nickel per mile).

The recall: Before the SSN recall every FFE driver always drove with a little apprehension: When will it happen to me? Will I be driving on the freeway? Attempting to cross an intersection? Will I get hit when the car suddenly stalls? Even if you loved the car there was that SSN in the back of your mind keeping you from fully enjoying the car care-free. Once the recall was announced and everyone got their cars updated the incidences of SSN stopped completely. Now people can enjoy the car as they thought they would; just get in it and go. The cautious driving routines laid by the wayside. No more driving in the right hand lane on the free way. No more scanning the area for escape routes. Just drive.

Overall my experiment seems to be a success–when we leased the FFE we were calling it a 3 year experiment to see if we could live with an EV. I/we have yet to be left stranded with the EV (no more or less than we have been stranded with any of our ICE vehicles). I/we really have no sense of “range anxiety” either: You very quickly realize the capabilities of the vehicle and drive within those limits. I’m still, however, searching for trips to expand those capabilities/boundaries (e.g. trips longer than a single charge will allow, taking the EV camping with us via a trailer, etc.).

Here is hoping for another 10,000 happy miles (or even 20,000 and more happy miles for that matter).

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