Doing your part…

The plugshare website and mobile apps are an excellent resource for finding public charge stations. It is crowd sourced which gives it the ability to cover any EV network’s charging stations. You can do your part as an EV driver by adding any public stations that you come across that aren’t already in the plugshare system. Such as the one below:

Public Charge station

This is a brand new Chargepoint station at our local AAA office. I had noticed this pop up in the Chargepoint app just today–and it wasn’t in plugshare (looking at the lawn next to it I’d say they just finished construction the past week and turned it on). From what I can see, at least for Michigan, AAA has been adding charging stations to all of its regional offices–great!

As far as this station: It is very likely that I won’t ever be plugging into it: Its far too close to home. In most cases if I can make it to this station then I can also make it to my house.

Hey! Speaking of AAA it also appears that they’ve added EV Charge stations to their mapping tools–great x2!
Note: I’d like to point out that I’m affiliated with none of the groups/companies mentioned above (AAA, Plugshare, Chargepoint) just a happy consumer.

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