Electric everything…

Can’t believe I haven’t mentioned my other electrical efforts before…

About the time Ford announced that it was going to produce an electric Focus in 2009 and I decided that I would get one eventually I also figured that it would be a good idea to start electrifying other areas around the home. At the time LED lights were just being introduced so I gradually started replacing the household lights with LEDs as they burnt out or when the LEDs went on sale.

Shortly thereafter our gas lawnmower gave up its last breath. I thought perfect just in time to get a new, electric one. Not being satisfied with dragging a cord around the yard with me I searched for a battery powered mower. At the time I think there was only two on the market, and not the least expensive mowers on the market. Of the two the Ryobi 48V one seemed to be the better option (I think the other one was a 24V Toro).
Ryobi Electric Mower

I went ahead and purchased the mower. Initially it was a little rough going as a single charge was just enough to cut all of our lawn (a standard 1/2 acre lot). In addition the included charger is a little finicky and you have to pay attention to when it should stop charging as it may overcharge and fry the battery–found that out the hard way. After picking up a spare or two I’m now pretty happy with the mower. About 1/2 way through the lawn I switch the battery and start charging the used one. A while after I’m done that battery is charged and I switch the charger to the other which finishes in a couple of hours.

Just like the FFE the lawn mower is very quiet with respect to other mowers. The only noise it does make is from the blades as they spin about twice as fast as a normal mower (when running it sounds almost exactly like a large fan on high).

Soon after the mower I also picked up a battery powered trimmer followed by a battery powered leaf blower. Sadly the only piece of outdoor equipment I haven’t been able to replace with an electric version has been the snow thrower (the only one I know of is prohibitively expensive).

So at least during the summer months I’m able to use only electrons for the weekly yard work…

Now if you look at the home improvement stores there is a little bit more of a selection of battery powered mowers including this “EGO” one (that costs even more than my Ryobi cost several years ago).


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