How much electricity does the Go Times use on a mild day?

A couple of weeks ago I had noticed that when I had the Go Times set (even with the climate control set to off) there was a very slight reduction in battery usage for my morning commute (like 1%-2% or so). My thinking at the time was that the Go Time was doing something┬ábefore unplugging that would be happening while driving if the Go Time wasn’t set. Apparently someone else was thinking similar thoughts in the forums. This morning I setup a test:

  • Car fully charged, parked in the garage
  • Garage ambient temperature 72F as measured by the opener (got me why my opener can read the temperature)
  • Set up a Go Time for 6:15 am with climate off
  • When I walked out to check on the car at 6:10am or so the Juicebox relays had already clicked on but it was showing no power draw from the car
  • At about 6:12am (or ~3 minutes to go) the car’s fan turned on and the Juicebox read 7A draw (1.7kW)
  • At the Go Time of 6:15am the car shut off
  • The ending Juicebox display was showing 0.0 kWh of power consumption

If we do a little math using the 3 minutes of 7A power draw (3 minutes is 0.05 hours, and the car was using 1680 Watts–7A * 240V) we can conclude that the car used roughly 84 Wh during that 3 minutes. 84 Wh is really not that much power–on a really good day it can take 200 Wh just to go a mile but it is non-zero. Over the course of a summer it could add up to a “tank” or two (only summer because as the temperatures get colder using the Go Times gets more important).

Update: I’ve left the Go Times setup for the week configured the same: Climate off. I noticed the cooling fan on high this morning so I glanced over at the Juicebox just before unplugging the car: 24A! for 4 minutes, 0.3kWh consumed (Doing the same math as above: 384 Wh). The only weather differences: Slightly warmer at 77F but the humidity is much higher (very foggy out). Interesting, I’ll have to continue watching it…


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