Over range drive…

So what would be a good term to use when you go for a long drive that is longer than a typical charge (in the FFE’s case that would be 70+ miles)? Over range? Simply “long drive”? On a car with such a short range this is a novelty, on ICE cars its a daily occurrence.

Nevertheless these summer weeks have provided plenty of opportunities to take our FFE on trips longer than my usual daily drive (30, sometimes 45 miles). Two recent instances of this include:

  • Going to a graduation party about 30 miles from home
  • Going to a Detroit Tigers game after coming home from my commute to work

With the graduation party being on a weekend it was easy to start out with a full charge and make the round trip on a single charge. I was even able to drive conservatively enough to have 30% of the battery remaining when I completed the trip (including taking the highway most of the way).

The Tigers game, however, was a bit more of a challenge: Comerica Park is also 30 miles away from my house but those 60 miles would be in addition to my daily commute of 30 miles (totaling 90 miles if you’re paying attention). I didn’t want to attempt all those 90 miles on a single charge as the last few miles would involve returning home late at night–didn’t want to have to stop somewhere and charge since I did have to go to work the next day. The solution, in this case, is to use a public charger near my work to top off at work and then topping off again at home before departing for the game. The 15 miles in to work typically requires just under an hour refill, and thus the 15 miles to home also took just under an hour at home. If I was not able to charge up at work I don’t think I would have been able to make this trip–at least not within the allotted time.

As you can see, driving an EV sometimes requires a little bit more planning than driving your average ICE vehicle simply due to the limited range. If my FFE had an operational range just double what it does now (increasing the range to 150 miles or so) then this additional charging would not have been needed.

In the coming weeks I’ll have a few more opportunities to try these long drives..more grad parties across town, more Tiger games, more….


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