Drop by any time you like and stay for the charge.

Locally in Southeastern Michigan I’m noticing more and more hotels add charge stations. In the area here are but a few:

A charge station at a hotel makes perfect sense: You’ll be there more than long enough to charge up any EV available today with a Level 2 charge (e.g. overnight). It works out for the hotel since they will get the extra customers who are looking for such an amenity.

That last one on the list is what prompted this posting: I only just noticed that they had a charge station and are advertising it. Even prominently on their website:

Weber’s Boutique Hotel and Restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan has complimentary EV charging stations for their guests. We offer the PEP STATIONS PS1500. It is a commercial 208 volt, 30 amp EV charging station with SAEJ1772 connectors that can accommodate two cars at once. Owners of Volt, Leaf, Tesla will be pleased with this complimentary service while in Ann Arbor. Please notify Weber’s when reserving your room so we can block off a protected carport space exclusively for you. Weber’s is among Michigan’s first hotels and restaurants to offer EV charging stations.

This is great, while we’ve never stayed at the hotel we have dined there a few times. Looks like its time again to go visit for a meal and perhaps a charge (if they also allow patrons of the restaurant access to the charge stations as well…).



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