The FFE turns up in the darnedest of places

Typically when you have a hobby you dive all in (much like this blog, although I’m not sure I’d call EV ownership/advocacy a hobby–more like a passion). You do research on your hobby, find like minded individuals to discuss your hobby, even subscribe to a magazine or two that is specific to your hobby.

In a few prior posts I’ve mentioned my desire to take the FFE with us camping with our motorhome. With the purchase of the motorhome we got a free subscription to, what else, Motorhome magazine. Imagine my surprise to see this cover when I received the September issue:
Whats that on the left
What is that on the left? Why its an image of an FFE! This makes me wonder: Did the producer of this page just grab a random car and it just happened to be an FFE? Or, more interestingly, is the designer an EV advocate and really likes the FFE? I doubt I’ll ever know for sure. The price shown is about right if you include all the tax breaks you get on the car.
A note about the FFE as a toad (a “toad” is a car towed behind a motorhome): I’ve mentioned before that the FFE would be a perfect toad: You could charge it up at the campground very easily with readily available 240V 50A service at many campsites. The range wouldn’t be a factor because typically you don’t stray to far away from the campground (even when sightseeing) and if you do you tend to take the leisurely route. The downside to this is the fact that the current FFE can’t be towed with any wheels on the ground so you’d need a bulky, cumbersome, and expensive car trailer.

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