Another novel use for the FFE

Found another novel use for the FFE:
Another novel use

What am I doing here? It would appear that I’m charging the FFE off of a covered RV. The novel use here is to provide a load for the generator in the RV. While in extended storage (say over winter) the engines have to be run about once a month or so. For the generator the Onan people told me that when you do run it you have to provide a load. I don’t think I could provide a better load to the generator than having the FFE charge with its Level 1 EVSE (which will draw about 12 amps).

Other options for drawing a load would be the A/C (which shouldn’t be run in cold weather), or a ceramic heater (which would have the benefit of heating the interior of the RV). In both of those cases, though, the electricity produced will simply vanish into the air. With the FFE the electricity goes to good use charging the battery (granted only using Level 1 for about 20 minutes I’ll be lucky enough to get a mile…maybe).




One Thought on “Another novel use for the FFE

  1. Clever ! You’re going to get very good service out of your genset if you keep up the maintenance like that.

    I’m a lifelong conservationist, but being an EV driver has definitely made me more aware of wasted heat energy.

    I’ve always known intellectually how friction brakes worked, but now the Focus Electric is reminding me every time I slow down that all the vehicles around me are converting their kinetic energy into heat and bleeding it all out into the sky.

    And every time I run the heater and lose a quarter of my predicted range, I’m reminded that the combustion engines around me are blasting out heat from friction, in the exhaust, and through the radiator.

    There’s going to come a day when we look at a gas pump the same way we look at a whaling ship, and for the same reason.

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