Public chargers don’t affect EV sales?? what?

Here is some interesting research:

When we account for the relevant factors, our analysis suggests that the relationship between public charger awareness and plug‐in electric vehicle demand is weak or non‐existent,

In short: When people are considering if they want to drive/purchase an EV the availability of public chargers doesn’t factor into their decision. In interesting result. Granted when people are considering a conventional ICE car the availability of local gas stations doesn’t factor either–but this is simply because gas stations are found everywhere. If you are considering a Diesel vehicle, however, you’ll be interested in how many local stations sell Diesel fuel (simply because not all gas stations have Diesel–at least in the U.S.).

When I was considering getting the Focus Electric local public chargers did not factor into my decision process. My main concern was: can I get to and from work on a charge and have sufficient reserve to be able to run errands and/or be able to charge sufficiently at home in order to go out later after work. Obviously the answer to both those questions was yes (I already knew before I got the car that workplace charging was not available and wouldn’t be available to me). Thus my experience fits in with the results of that research.

This makes perfect sense: Your house already has an electric “feed” going to it. You know that if you get an electric car you’ll be able to charge at home. Your main consideration will be: can I get everything I need to do with the EV charge I can get at home on a daily basis. This would lead to some “range anxiety” concerns (a really bad term coined by the media–you get “range anxiety” in a gas car too when the low fuel light turns on). If you’ve done your homework and determined that an EV is the right fit for you; you quickly realize what the EV can and cannot do with the home charge. Its only at that point where you even begin to consider public charging: When you’ve determined it all works for you and then ask “Hey! Where else can I take my EV?” that is when you start looking for public charging which is long after the initial purchase decision.


One Thought on “Public chargers don’t affect EV sales?? what?

  1. In reference to your “DIY Recall Part 2”
    I just want to give you a big “THANK YOU”. I’ve read multiple stories on how people hate the Bosch EVSE and how it doesn’t work doesn’t last. Then I ran into the problem and all of a sudden I’m running on gas again. That truly speaks volumes.
    My charger stopped working almost 2 weeks ago. As of yesterday (June 9, 2015) I went ahead and wanted to see about clearing the check engine light (CEL) so I connected the charger that came with the vehicle. It worked and the vehicle CEL was cleared and it started charging. So then I started to troubleshoot the charger and found that the problem was with the cord or connection to the vehicle. Fast forward to this morning, finding this post and now a potential answer to my problem and “Voila…! I’m estactic again.
    I’m holding out for a replacement cord, but, no matter what I learned one thing today from your blog and that is that the sticker on the front is removable. The screws are underneath it and I can replace the cord myself with another one of my choosing.
    A big “THANK YOU” to Jaimegeek. Keep up the great work!

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