About spare electrons…

This blog will contain random musings about my experiences with driving a Ford Focus Electric BEV. My observations are completely my own and do not reflect those of any other entity.

Some history about the author: In the past few decades I’ve made a bit of a tour of employment around Southeastern Michigan’s various auto manufacturers and their vendors. At one point I had a stop at Ford Motor company for almost a decade. Ever since that time I’ve been a big fan of Ford vehicles; purchasing more than a dozen since the late 90s.

Thus you’ll understand a bit of Ford bias in my postings….


4 Thoughts on “About spare electrons…

  1. Cool blog! Interesting to read the thoughts of of a fellow Focus Electric owner from SE Michigan (I noticed that “Haggerty Road” on your display.) Love the part about your “downhill” commute home – I never realized we really do have some elevation changes around here until I got my car a couple months ago!
    Nice that you were able to get the Level 2 charger – DTE used up their rebate allocation by the time I got mine, so I’m getting by with Level 1 (so far with no difficulty with my fairly short commute).

  2. jamiegeek on November 15, 2013 at 7:04 am said:

    I’ve known about Michigan elevation changes from pulling a camper around the state. In general Michigan is “higher”:
    – as you go North (at least for the lower peninsula)
    – as you go towards the center of the state (when travelling East-West)

  3. Hi which Level 2 charger would you recommend? I would like to control the amount of amps that I’ll be sending my Focus EV and I think the Juicebox is the only one that does that. Oh I also wanted a off switch (the chargers drain a bit of energy when not in use) and the GE Wattstation has it .

  4. jamiegeek on December 9, 2014 at 11:12 am said:

    There are a few that let you adjust the current going to the car (the Juicebox, the Bosch Power XPress–but I wouldn’t recommend the Power XPress it has some cabling issues).
    I like my juicebox it has served me well for the past 6 months now (you can see more on all the EVSE’s I have here:
    http://jamiegeek.myevblog.com/2014/06/10/chargers-are-us-or-rather-evses/ )
    I have my EVSE’s wired to their own meter: They really do not draw much electricity at all when not plugged into the car. My power company lets me export my hourly power consumption figures into a spreadsheet. All of the readings when the car isn’t charging and the Juicebox is plugged in are 0.00.

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