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No gas for your Pizza delivery

This is pretty funny: Galactic Pizza in Minneapolis offers pizza delivery by super heroes driving EVs:


Go Play on the Freeway they said!

This post is only tangentially related to EVs: The road.

One of the major freeways in the Detroit area is I-96. It runs through the heart of downtown and many of the western suburbs. Completed in 1977 it is heavily used and by the 2010s or so it was in dire need of some repairs (like much of Michigan’s infrastructure). Michigan’s Department of Transportation (MDOT) asked local residents and businesses their opinion on how to proceed with the re-build. The public was given two options: Completely close the freeway for a summer or extend the work over several years (most likely 3) using single lane closures (the work would also include rebuilding many of the bridges over the section being rebuilt). The public overwhelmingly chose the shorter option: complete closure for a season. Thus back in April of this year a 6 mile section of I-96 was closed and work started on the rebuild immediately.

Tomorrow (9/22) the road opens back up bright and early for the morning commute. Before the opening, however, MDOT decided to hold a small “party” out on the road surface and invited everyone in the greater Detroit area to come and join in…and boy did they! (Hence the reason for this post.) We did drive the FFE to the event so I guess it is EV related.
I-96 and all the people!
I-96 and all the people!
I-96 and all the people!
I-96 and all the people!

Happy commuting!


Round up of interesting news

Haven’t had a lot to post recently: Its summer, and the car has been performing satisfactorily so here are a few interesting news items:

A sexy electric Shelby Cobra? Almost.

Jay Leno drives Harley Davidson’s electric “Live Wire” project bike.

Free Juiceboxes for people living in California.

It won’t be long now before I start posting the “Its cold outside” posts again…!



Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas

Just a quick note that everyone have a Happy Holidays. Safe travels to all who venture forth.


Spare Electrons..

Welcome to my sporadically posted to blog. When I have a few electrons/thoughts to spare about driving a BEV (a Ford Focus Electric to be specific) I will post them here.

So far I’m a recent “convert”: Have only been driving a BEV now for about two months. I’ve been amazed at how quickly you acclimate to the different thought process involved with driving a BEV (e.g. don’t have to stop at gas pumps, plugging in daily, etc.).