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Charging Etiquette

Now for the Emily Post post! LOL

Once there started to be a few electric vehicles on the road we started seeing many people/companies/etc. posting articles about the etiquette of charging at public stations (e.g. some rules of thumb people should use when they see an occupied charge station that they wished to use). Ford also entered into the fray with a press release, and a video.

The rules of thumb were typically some variation of:

  • Don’t unplug other vehicles unless you know for sure they are done charging.
  • Only stay long enough at the charge station to charge up what you need (e.g. don’t stay there all day long)
  • When charging is complete move your vehicle to make the spot available for the next person who needs to charge

Ford’s etiquette list even included an item stating that BEVs should take precedence over PHEVs since PHEVs have a gas engine and don’t necessarily always need a charge–this statement is somewhat controversial. Also included in that article is a handy plaque to print out and leave on the dash to let others know how long you’ll be there (note that the smartphone app PlugShare also provides something similar–provided everyone else also uses PlugShare!).

I really don’t think you need to keep in mind a list of rules when you are going to charge; just use a little common courtesy. Try not to unplug anyone unless you know absolutely that their charge is complete (Chargepoint stations show this on the display–and if they have the texting setup they will know very quickly that you unplugged their vehicle if the charge isn’t finished). Other than that, be polite and not rude–there isn’t many of us on the road (at lease BEV drivers) compared to everyone else so you might was well make a good impression.