In Touch…

The Focus Electric comes complete with the “MyFord Touch” system (known as MFT; you can see an introduction video about it here).

Quite a lot has been said about this system in car magazines, on the internet, in the news, etc. To many people its a love/hate thing: they either love it, or hate it. Ford took a bold step in late 2011 to introduce MFT as a complete system controlling entertainment, temperature control, cell phone access, navigation, etc. MFT has improved greatly over the past 3 years: there have been three major updates to it (with possibly more to come).

Personally I like the MFT system and have developed a usage pattern that takes advantage of its positives and attempts to minimize the negatives. The first thing I do with any new update or car with MFT (my FFE is the 3rd car we’ve owned with MFT) is to turn all the settings to the ‘advanced’ mode. This has the affect of speeding up interactions with Sync because it stops Sync from talking to you a lot. For instance: when pressing the sync button instead of saying “please say a command?” the system simply beeps. Another thing is to use the voice control for any interactions while driving–one of the main complaints about the MFT system is that it increases driver distraction because you have to look at the screen to touch the area you want (hint: the complainers are using the system wrong: you talk to it not look at it while driving).┬áThere must be a lot of people who do like the system since MFT sold on 79 percent of new vehicles in 2013.

The current revision on the FFE is not without its faults though: Messing up value charge times, getting the date wrong, missing functionality (bluetooth, and applink), etc. Not to mention the problems with My Ford Mobile the website to remotely check up on your FFE driving (but that is another post!).


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