Stealth EV

Which one is the electric?

Which one is the electric?

In a prior post I discussed one of the big disadvantages of converting a production car to electric (instead of designing one from scratch). Here is an advantage of a conversion car: It looks pretty much identical to its ICE powered cousin.

For those people who wish to drive something different (for whatever reasons they have) and do not wish to be called out on it an ICE conversion car is perfect. You get to drive your vehicle of choice and not be approached about any sort of statement it makes. Look at the picture above: Which car is electric–if you were to give them just a passing glance you’d be hard pressed to figure it out. Granted the BEV Focus has all the “electric” badging and even has a different grill. Even so the average passer by doesn’t pay attention to those things; they just see another Focus.

So far on the market there are quite a few “stealth EVs”: Focus Electric, Chevy Spark, Fiat 500e, Toyota RAV4 EV, etc. Not to mention that more are coming (Kia Soul for instance). Pretty soon there won’t be a stigma attached to a certain power train choice as they will be all around us..

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