Helpful hint: Don’t remote start the car while sitting in it!

Yes I know why would you do that!? Well this afternoon I found that the car wasn’t updating and My Ford Mobile could not communicate with it. So I proceeded to investigate and was able to get it to respond by rebooting the telematics module (on the FFE this is accomplished by simply pulling fuse F1 in the fuse panel in the trunk and replacing it–this is typically the first thing to try when the FFE cannot communicate with My Ford Mobile).

So while sitting in the car making sure everything was still working I remote started it with the smartphone app and then shut the car off. It was at this point that the car lost its mind when I opened the door to exit–the dash reported “No Key Present” (I was holding the key in my hand!) followed by “Alarm! Start car to cancel”. Pressing the brake and the start button produced no results other than the lights flashing and the horn honking as the alarm state was triggered. This happened twice before I was able to get the car to recognize that, yes indeed, the key was present (the FFE doesn’t use a traditional “key”–its an RFID keyfob that must be present in the car to start it).

The good news of all of this is that on My Ford Mobile it did report that the alarm was triggered twice!

So mental note: Don’t remote start the car while sitting in it! LOL


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