Gas…whats that??

I was reading the newspaper the other day; an article about how truck sales will be going up now that gas prices have fallen towards $3/gallon. It then dawned on me: “$3/gallon? when did that happen?” Yes dear reader: drive an EV and it won’t take you very long to forget completely about gas prices. Gas stations are everywhere, I drive by quite a few of them on my commute in to work and home every day. You’d think that I’d know gas prices simply because I see so many stations with their prices prominently displayed out front. No, not so much.

Before when driving an ICE vehicle I’d pay attention now and then simply to make note of the cheapest station and remind myself to fill up there when I need to. Now I just silently ride by not even paying attention to them anymore.. I think the last time I actually filled up a gas car was a couple of months ago when I was helping out the wife–had to fill up her car.

I still find it amazing how fast you acclimate yourself to driving an EV around vs ICE car. For the family it is no longer an anomaly riding around in it–the novelty has warn off for them. This is probably hurried along by the fact that our Focus Electric on the inside is identical to our ICE Focus (minus the engine vibrations). Inside the only real difference is the dashboard–so only the driver knows s/he is in an EV.

For me the novelty has not warn off. It is still my favorite car to drive around. Plugging it in every day has become the new habit–just like plugging in the cell phone, or the leaf blower, or the trimmer, or the lawn mower..etc. (yes I’ve also been converting the yard power tools all over to electric as well–started with the lawn mower about a year before even getting the EV–the last one, a snow blower, may not be converted as the only cordless snow blower I could find was well over $1k in price!)

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