Resetting the budget…

I found out a way to reset the “budget” display (the budget indicator shows a miles to go value; I discussed it in detail in this post).

If you’re driving and decide that you don’t like the status indicator showing -100 miles (well ok that is a bit unrealistic: -10 is more like what you’ll see) you can reset the budget to what the current range is being shown. The trick is simply: set a navigation destination (with charging) and then cancel it. When the navigation is cancelled the budget will reset to whatever the current range is indicated on the battery display.

If you have “My Home” setup in MyFord Touch the quickest way to perform this operation is:

  • Press the Sync button
  • At the prompt say: “Navigation”
  • Next prompt: “Destination”
  • Next prompt: “Favorites”
  • The screen will show the favorites list say “Line 1” (that is always “My Home”–note since you’re talking you can do this while driving!)
  • The screen will eventually popup a question “Will you charge there”: press “Yes”
  • Press the “start route” button on the display

Note: You have to go through the “Favorite” route instead of simply saying “My Home” at that step because if you were to say “My Home” it would skip the “Charge at the destination?” question and assume No as an answer.

After a few seconds of chugging and calculating the route the nav display will show the route and the dash will switch to “charge point” and “surplus”. At this point press the sync button and say “Cancel Route” (it will ask an “are you sure” type question respond to that with “yes”).

Once the route has been cancelled on the left dash display you’ll see “budget set to xx” just like it did when you started the car. Now your status is back to zero!

Ok sure a long and convoluted method but it would appear to be the only way to reset the budget value (it may be quicker to just pull over and turn the car off and then back on again!). Now I’m not saying that the budget value is that important just how to reset it here.


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