The weather outside is frightful…?

Well, ok, unusually we in Southeastern Michigan just got a slight dusting of snow–nothing like out East received this past weekend! Did you see that Lions/Eagles game??
Lions vs Eagles

Wow! Nevertheless we got enough snow to make driving out appear to be very treacherous but the temperatures are such that (high 20s F to 31F) salt works very well at melting anything on the roads.

That combined with the fact that it is still early in the winter driving season means that people are driving in their “ooh its winter have to drive slow” mindset. This results in traffic going about 10 mph lower than the speed limit on most roads (with that one occasional driver with an SUV who is impatient and attempts to go fast around everyone).

The effect on the EV driver of everyone driving 10 mph slower..LESS energy use! This morning I only burned electrons at a paltry 250 Wh/mile rate (on a typical morning my rate is usually around 270 Wh/mile). This is almost comparable with summer numbers.

There were a few streets, side roads mostly, that haven’t been salted yet and had enough snow to make them slippery. How did the FFE drive on those roads? Pretty good actually. It would seem that the traction control attempts to reduce power to the motor and use the brakes to keep the wheels from slipping. So far I’ve found the FFE to be about equal to its ICE brother in snow handling (The FFE would seem to have a weight advantage being heavier, but the ICE version has better all-season tires).


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