More nasty weather and cold coming….brrr

Watching the snow falling as I type this…the first big winter storm for 2014 and the coldest temperatures around here since something like the 1990s! (Monday’s low is supposed to be -16F! Tuesdays will be a balmy -6F.)

I think Monday & Tuesday will be the first two days I opt to leave the EV in the garage and drive the truck to work. I’m all for experimenting but I think I’ll leave my experiments for when the temps are on the positive side of the scale. Although I may find that simply leaving the car in the garage overnight will be enough for it and still drive it to work–its the trip home that will be the killer (the commute in I have the go time set so even if the car is in the garage it still will warm itself up to 85F. The commute home, on the other hand, is after the car has sat all day in the parking lot at work without being plugged in and thus has cold soaked…brrr.

Stay safe out there–and warm.


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