Estimating power consumption

In order to estimate the power consumed for a given route I’ve put together this simple page.

Enter in your starting and ending addresses, and approximate value for watt hours/mile and the usable battery capacity (these two values will default to 230 and 19.5 kWh for the FFE) then press the “Calc Route” button. Once you’ve calculated the route you can edit the Wh/mile and battery capacity values to see the values change. In addition you can drag the route around to change it and see how long that takes.

This is a really simple calculator that uses the distance over the route as returned by Google and the Wh/mile value to come up with the estimate. Elevation changes are not used in the calculation (as I’m assuming the elevation consumption will be included in your Wh/mile value).

Update 1: The page has been updated to add some round trip values, and it now will attempt to estimate the electricity used with a basic formula + google maps elevation data. These new values are reflected by the “est:” label in the output (Electricity Used, and % Used).

Update 2: Added a “use heat” checkbox to indicate if the heater is used or not.

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