Thinking about an EV?

Are you currently interested in purchasing an EV and are going through the research phase? Does your driving pattern fit within the parameters of an EV?
When I was doing my research to see if the FFE would work for me I had the same question. I did all the math and it told me that it should have no issues with the FFE. Still your left questioning…what if?
During my investigations I found the iEV smartphone app. (Note that I have no connections to the makers of iEV–just a happy customer.) You run the app whenever you drive somewhere in your current car. The app uses the phone’s accelerometer to estimate what electricity your driving would use if you were driving an EV. They have recently updated the app to version 3.
iEV 3 screen grab
This new version has a larger selection of EVs to choose from and shows you how your trips fit with each. After using it for a few weeks you’ll get a feel if an EV is right for you–maybe even which EV is right for you.

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