A new Focus Electric same as the old Focus Electric

Ahead of the New York Auto Show in about a week, Ford has released new information about the 2015 Focus Electric, including some pictures:

The press release says very little about the new FFE, from that and the pictures I/we can guess:

  • No SAE Fast Charger (the charge port is too small)
  • No range improvements (other than possibly improved software)
  • New color available: Red
  • The same slightly improved MyFordTouch software (I doubt this FFE will get the rumored switch to QNX)
  • Heated Steering Wheel option

That’s about it–kind of disappointing really, but then I wasn’t expecting much from Ford’s half-hearted EV effort (even though, such that it is, it is a great EV!).

Some things I would have liked to see:

  • A little better battery (not much): like 10-20 miles more range, perhaps even hitting 100 miles rated range.
  • A little better battery placement: maybe flatten the battery “hump” so the load floor in the trunk is flat instead of stepped.
  • The SAE Combo Charger included (after all Ford did commit to supporting it)


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