What else can you put in the trunk?

The trunk of the FFE has been much derided for the large “bump” where the battery is. I covered some of the things you can put in the trunk in this posting.

A user on the My Focus Electric forum also posted a video about the kinds of things you can put into the trunk, including lining up some grocery bags in the back area. In fact quite a bit of stuff does fit back there.

Now, say your BBQ is out of propane and you need to go get some more:

Yes a standard 20 lb propane tank easily fits in the trunk with the cargo organizer removed. In fact, you could fit at least three of them in there with some room to spare. Note that the tank is slightly shorter than the cargo cover at the top which means that you have to take it a bit easy on the corners as it will tip over (unless of course you put two more in there to stabilize it).

I’ve found the trunk of the FFE to be pretty useful despite the area taken up by the battery. Lately I’ve been leaving the cargo organizer in with the “flap” in the raised position. This leaves a large flat area with about 12″ of clearance between the floor and the cargo cover (a bucket will fit). It is a useful configuration for hauling around flat stuff like computers, my lunchbox for work, some groceries, etc.


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