A ding magnet?

Before driving either of my Focuses I drove trucks for years. I started with a 1993 Ranger and eventually moved all the way up to a 2008 F-350 monster. When driving trucks you realize that there is no way you’re going to be able to park in any normal spots (granted the Rangers were a bit smaller and easier to maneuver). I quickly got in the habit of parking the trucks way out in parking lots away from other cars. This wasn’t done because it looks cool, or I thought the truck was “special”. It was done simply for ease: Much simpler to park, leave and I wouldn’t damage someone else’s car in the process. In addition walking the extra 50 yards or so was a bit more healthy.

Enter my first ICE Focus in 2011. Since the car is so much smaller than the trucks I found myself now parking much closer and in with all the other cars. I also noticed that the Focus picked up a lot more door dings than any of my trucks ever had. The close proximity to the cars must make them inevitable. Perhaps also people see a that its just a “cheap Focus” and not really pay much attention (not sure about that one, more likely that its simply just a small car).

Nonetheless I’m now also seeing door dings on my FFE. Just noticed a rather glaring one on the rear drivers side door: They must have really slammed their door into it: Three marks all in a vertical line on the folds of the door that stick out the farthest. Wow people are really inconsiderate these days…sigh.

Going to have to start treating the car like a truck and parking way out in no-mans land again.

Ok I’m done ranting! LOL


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