One down two to go….

This week marks one year since I picked up the FFE. I usually don’t lease cars because if I really like the car I don’t want to give it up at the end of the lease (yes there is the option to buy at the end but there still is that decision to make..). It will be a hard decision for the FFE: So far, even after a year, the novelty of the thing has not worn off in the slightest. Its still a dream to drive and as quiet as ever. Its been my most favorite vehicle I’ve ever owned.

I notice a lot of people say that their next car after their first BEV will be the hailed Tesla Model S. I’ve seen them and they are exceptional cars, but I’m not sure I would want one after my FFE. Don’t get me wrong I’d love 200+ miles of range in a BEV but the Model S is something that the FFE isn’t that I don’t care for: Size. Now you’re saying: “How can you say that after driving large pickups for such a long time!” Well here’s the thing: I really love driving small cars around (especially after driving such behemoths around): They are zippy, can fit in just about every parking spot available, etc. As long as I can fit into one I’m happy to drive them around. Thus I’m not sure a Model S would be a good follow on car to the FFE for me (I’m really hoping that the timing works out and I can get whatever the next FFE will that is if Ford decides to put enough thought and resources in it to make it worthwhile.). To be fair there are other factors that would keep me away from the S: Price of course and the fact that I have family members who work for Ford.

In the meantime I’ll just happily drive around in my silent ride with the big BEV grin on my face..

This past week I picked up a Clipper Creek LCS-25 to ride around in the car for when I need a charge and a 240V plug is available (the intent is for this to be the camping charger once we to get a means to bring the FFE along with us camping). So far it has worked well, but I’ve only really charged up the car with it about 3 times.
Clipper Creek LCS-25


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