I saw another..

Today I saw another FFE on the road but this encounter was slightly different..backing up a bit:

On any given day I usually see a few plugin cars: Lots of Volts–like one every two or three miles–a couple of Leafs (I see two in my city all the time with the same people driving them), the rare Tesla (there is a gray one near my work and just saw a red one near my home last week), and occasionally an FFE. You’d think I’d see more FFE’s being that I live only a few miles from the plant where they are built (I see more C-Maxes than FFE’s). In fact I do see the odd manufacturer plated FFE from time to time.

Today, however, was slightly different. Typically the other plugin cars I see are going in the opposite direction to me, or are on an intersecting street. This morning I was stopped at a light all by myself when I noticed a distinctive grile approaching me in the rear-view mirror. A black one. He pulled up next to me in the adjacent lane at the red light and looked over when I gave him the thumbs up. My gesture was met with a smile and a brief period of puzzlement until he noticed the “Electric” emblem on my door. It would seem that the FFE is so stealthy that even other FFE drivers don’t notice it! (Giving him the benefit of the doubt: It was early and from the back it is very hard to distinguish the FFE from any other Focus. The “electric” emblem back there is in the same spot as “Titanium”, “ST”, “SE” or any of the other trim line emblems thus if you are not specifically looking for it then you wouldn’t notice that its another FFE. It was easier for me as the front grille is a dead giveaway.)



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