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2015 Focus Electric walk around video

Inside EVs has posted an exterior walk around video of the “new” 2015 Focus electric:

I can see some subtle changes in the sheetmetal and I really like the new color. Other than that, though, the 2015 Focus Electric remains a bit disappointing as Ford didn’t change anything else other than make the current car fit in the new Focus body.


2015 Focus?

Autoguide has some pictures of the potential 2015 Focus–granted all the changes are masked..

For the purposes here: What does this mean for the FFE? If it doesn’t change much on the inside I can see the work required to pull the FFE forward into the new bodystyle being very minimal (since its already designed to fit within the current ICE Focus body). Perhaps they’ll update the FFE and add, at a minimum, support for the J1772 CCS charger (the SAE fast charger–Ford has already publicly said that they will be supporting the CCS charger).

Time will tell..perhaps Ford will unveil it at the 2014 Detroit Auto show?

Here is a small wishlist I have for the next gen FFE:

  • Much more efficient heating system
  • Better MyFordMobile.com integration (e.g. like could we have it actually work!)
  • A moderate increase in range (not too much, something like over 100 miles, perhaps even as much as 120 miles)
  • Support for the J1772 CCS fast charger