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Really extending the range of the Focus Electric

In a previous post I showed my spare vehicle I use for rough weather, hauling stuff, etc. when the FFE can’t cut it.

Well, we don’t have either of those anymore. At a recent camper show we kind of traded all that in on a new camper (the camper on the left):
Axis Motorhome

Mind you this guy still has a V-10 ICE in it (our third vehicle with a V-10 in it). In addition it also has a 4kW generator in it for dry camping and/or tailgating, etc. I can think of another use for it: Charging up my FFE while we pull it down the road (on a trailer, though, since the FFE cannot be towed with any wheels on the ground). All I need for it is a trailer (an aluminum one at that as the FFE by itself is close to the tow ratings of the Axis). Granted: since the genny is only a 4kW model I can only use the EVSE that came with the FFE–can’t use a level 2 with it. This shouldn’t be an issue as most campgrounds have 50A plugs, and sometimes we’ll be driving for a long time (and sometimes we’ll take the ICE Focus instead).

My Bosch/SPX EVSE is already installed with a plug so its really easy to remove and take with us (along with an adapter to use it at campgrounds plugged into the 50A 6-50 plug).

This combo is one of the reasons I created the “how far can I go” maps: I can map out how far from a given campground I can drive the FFE and still return if there are no charge stations in town.