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Dude, where’s my trunk?

The "trunk" of the FFE

The “trunk” of the FFE

Here we have the biggest drawback of the Focus Electric: Inside the hatchback. On an ICE Focus instead of rising, the floor in the back is about 10″ lower (actually the rear ramp thing with the handle there is just a foam divider and is sitting on the load floor at the same level as the ICE Focus).

Apparently simply replacing the gas tank with a battery did not provide enough range for the car; they had to add another battery. Yes the Focus Electric has two battery packs: one where the gas tank is on an ICE Focus and another one right where you see it in that picture above: behind the passenger seats taking up a lot of the room in the hatchback.

If the two back seats are folded down you still get quite a bit of room back there–enough to put a bicycle in the back. I’ve been able to fit quite a lot back there even with the foam divider in place. There is enough room on top of everything to fit at least two folding chairs (like this one). Removing the divider has provided enough room for a wagon, two chairs, and various baseball gear–I’ve been surprised at how much I can pack in there.
Without the divider

Here we are without the divider (or “cargo organizer” as Ford calls it). You may notice a small cover or flap at the very bottom…I wonder what is in there:

Photo Sep 19, 8 06 17 AMThis is where the 120V Level 1 charge chord is stored along with the air compressor and fix-a-flat kit since the car doesn’t have a spare (space that is also used for the extra battery).

On the whole I find the space adequate and have been able to work with it. Would it have been nicer to have more space? Sure but I’ll take it since otherwise I’ve been very happy with the car–in fact, I’d gladly give up more space for another 50 or so miles of range (not that I really need it; it would just increase the radius of places I could go without needing a charge).