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10,000 mile service

Having rolled over 10k miles, MyFordMobile started notifying me that I was due for the 10k mile service appointment. On an EV not much, if anything, wears–one of the reasons that the service interval for the FFE is 10k miles. There is no oil, no transmission fluid, no spark plugs, no oil pump, no camshaft, no pistons, and so on. The only two things on the car that even have a possibility of showing any wear over 10k miles are the brake pads and tires.

Given that the regenerative braking reduces brake pad use to next to nothing (the pads only really get used below about 10 mph or so) that leaves the tires as the only item with the possibility of significant wear. Consequently the maintenance schedule in the owners manual states that at 10k miles the tires should be rotated and a vehicle inspection performed (check for damage, look at the CV joints, suspension, etc.). Given our road conditions after last winter a vehicle inspection would provide some peace of mind that the cratered roads haven’t done any damage.

Keeping all of this in mind I stopped by my dealer to get the 10k mile service performed. Exiting the car and standing in front of the drivers door I was greeted by the service adviser: “Hello sir, may we offer the ‘works’ package for you: oil change, tire rotation, inspection, etc.” Stepping away from the door I reply: “What oil? Just the tire rotation please” while pointing to the “Electric” emblem on the side of the door. A crowd soon gathered around my FFE with all of the service advisers asking me many questions about the car (“What kind of range are you getting?”, “What has been your electricity bill?”, “Do you like the car?”, etc.). It was quite an interesting scene as I have not experienced that kind of interest/attention when bringing any of our other cars in for service in the past. (The other advisers were giving my adviser grief for not noticing that it was electric and offering me the oil change LOL.)

The service didn’t take much time (really how long does it take to rotate the tires) and soon I was on my way–I didn’t even have to pay for it: We had enough points on our “frequent service club” (or whatever Ford is calling it) to cover the cost.