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MyFordMobile freaking out..!?

Now this is something I haven’t seen from My Ford Mobile(MFM):

Last night while out I went to check on my car via the mobile app. The app showed a popup that said: “Your vehicle has been removed due to Master reset recovery”!? Hmm the last time I did a master reset (last week) went well: I reset the MFT display and re-entered everything into MFM all seemed to be working fine.

After I returned home I re-added the car to MFM. This morning I awoke to an e-mail stating the same thing: car removed due to Master reset recovery. That’s odd. For the 3rd time I re-entered the car and immediately received the e-mail: car removed… what? Later in the day I figured: what the heck I’ll do another master reset and see if that clears the condition…Nope! After the master reset enter in the data and boom immediate e-mail: car removed…

This is getting a bit frustrating!

Lets see what else can I try? Ahha! I’ll create a new MFM account and try to register the car to that (don’t really care much about the “history” in the old account since MFM didn’t record any meaningful values for the car to begin with!). So far (knock on wood) that has stuck and the car *and* MFM are both waiting the 24 hours for the 2nd confirmation..crossing fingers..

Isn’t technology fun!

Update: After the 24 hour period the car did indeed ask the 2nd confirmation and my MFM access is now restored to its previously partially working status (partially because some data from the car never gets to the website like the Wh/mile value in the trip and charge log).



This time for sure….?

Here we go again with Ford merging MyFord Mobile of the Focus Electric and the Energi products:

Dear Focus Electric MyFord Mobile User,

On behalf of Ford Motor Company, we want to keep you in the loop on the previously communicated maintenance for MyFord Mobile.

As we strive to merge the Focus Electric and Plug-in Hybrid versions of the MyFord Mobile App into one streamlined version for a better ongoing consumer experience, we plan to make another update to MyFord Mobile on October 29, 2013 9:00 AM EST.

Planned Benefits

The intent of the planned action on the Focus Electric version of MyFord Mobile is to allow future enhancements to be made more quickly. We recognize that Focus Electric drivers have very different needs than PHEV drivers.  In fact, your all-electric functionality will remain and the app will not display any PHEV functionality.  When we ultimately complete our planned action your all-electric functionality will remain.

How will this impact you?

  • The MyFord Mobile website and mobile app will not be functional for approximately 8 hours during the maintenance period. During this period you will see the message “Service or Network Error”.
  • You will still be able to use your existing user name and password on the new site.  In the event that you have both a Focus Electric and a Plug-In Hybrid account, the Plug-In Hybrid account credentials will take precedence.
  • There will be a new MyFord Mobile app available for both iPhone and Android. The existing Focus Electric app will no longer function or receive updates. You will need to delete the existing app and download the new app after the maintenance period is complete. The new app can be downloaded via the following:


  • To ensure the system is displaying the most recent vehicle and driving information, you should press the “Update” button immediately after logging into MyFord Mobile.
  • Your data will be migrated from the current version to the new version.
  • You will have to re-enter any Value Charge times after selecting the “Update” button.

In addition, as we streamline the user experience the following features will be affected:

  • The Discussion forum will become available approximately one week later
  • Trip Planner will be available only on the mobile app
  • Facebook and Twitter integration for driving achievements will be discontinued

We apologize for any inconvenience. Should you have any issues, please call the Customer Relationship Center at 1-800-392-3673. After the language prompt please select option 3 and then option 4 to be connected with the team that interacts with consumers on Ford’s In-Vehicle Technology.  The hours of operation are 11:30 AM – 8:00 PM M-F and 11:30 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday (ET).


Beth Profitt
MyFord Mobile Manager, Connected Services
Ford Motor Company

Chad D’Arcy
Focus Electric Marketing Manager
Ford Motor Company

Where ever you go; there you are.

One feature of the MyFord Touch (and MyLincoln Touch–forgot to mention that: anything that talks about MyFord Touch also applies to MyLincoln) that I use quite frequently and briefly touched on in my Tricks and Tips post is the ability to send a map destination to the car from a computer or smartphone. I find this feature useful enough that it needs its own how to do this post by itself…

First things first, though, before attempting any of this you need to have your cell phone and car “linked” up both using the bluetooth connection in the car and linked up on http://www.syncmyride.com. This is a separate website from the My Ford Mobile site Focus Electric users use to check their battery, remote start the car, etc. The syncmyride site is setup for all MyFord Touch owners to use for checking for updates, enabling sync services, scheduling service, etc. To use the download destination feature you need to be signed up for sync services and have your cell phone # registered on syncmyride.  The good news is that this setup is done only once so you can set it up and forget it (although you won’t want to completely forget it! LOL).

Now that you have sync services setup you can try it out: go out to the car, start it, press the sync button, and say “services”. The car will use your cell phone and dial into an 800 # at Ford. You’ll hear a similar voice to the sync voice–but this one is from a server through your phone–you can say: “traffic”, “weather”, “sports”, etc. to get various reports. (Since this service is through Ford instead of Sirius/XM you can still use this if your Sirius/XM account for the car expires–although I highly recommend keeping your Sirius/XM account subscribed.)

How to send a destination: I’m going to detail using MapQuest to send the destination to the car but you can also do this through the MyFord Mobile website or smartphone app.

On your computer browse to http://www.mapquest.com and enter in an address (for the purposes of this instruction I’ll use Joe Louis Arena’s address in Detroit):
Joe Louis Arena

To send the destination to the car click on the “Send” button at the top right. A drop down menu will appear: click on “Car”.
MapQuest Send Button
On the next window click on “Sync”:
MapQuest send to window
Finally enter in your cell phone # (the one registered to Sync Services) and (optionally) a name for the destination:
MapQuest send to phone

Now run out to your car, really it only works if you run! (ok just kidding you can take as long as you want. Sync services will remember the last destination sent to it until you download it into the car). In your car start it up and press the Sync button; at the prompt say “services”. When connected instead of asking for a command services will say: “MapQuest has sent you a waypoint to …. Do you wish to navigate there?” answer “yes” and wait about a minute while it downloads the destination. When it is done the phone will hang up, the right screen on the dash will say something like “destination downloaded” and the main MFT display will be on the navigation screen showing you the destination (don’t be concerned if the navigation screen labels the destination as “Street, City, State” look at the map it will be showing the proper location).

MFT display showing destination

Thats it; you can now hit “set as dest” on the screen (or press the sync button and say “set as dest”). Either way the car will take you there…

Note that on the Focus Electric after pressing “set as dest” the car will ask you if you will be charging the car at the destination. I find myself always answering “yes” to this question as I find the displays that show up when answering yes are quite useful.

Going mobile…

“My Ford Mobile” (MFM) is Ford’s attempt at remote access/control of your BEV.

My Ford Mobile Smartphone appOn the whole the application gets the basics correct: Tells you correctly the state of charge, the cars status (plugged, unplugged, etc.), allows remote control, navigation features, etc. The additional features, however, don’t work so well.

It appears as if Ford concentrated on getting the basics working well and then launched the website/application before fixing/verifying all the rest. That is too bad because some of the extra features could come in quite handy. What are the extra features? Here is a small list–not inclusive:

  • Trip and charge log
  • Driver rankings in different regions across the US
  • Driver “achievements” (awards given for “green” driving)
  • A driver’s “score” from 0 – 100 based on how “green” you are driving

Here is an example of “not working well” from my experience: The Trip and Charge log seems to accurately note when I’ve driven and when I’ve charged but the values it displays are usually off (the watts/mile value is never displayed, for the charge display the charge time is always 1 minute). For the charge log it would also be useful to know how much charge, in kWh, was added to the battery in addition to knowing the final state of charge (a % value). It would be really cool if: A) these values were accurate, and B) you could download the last X days of data into an Excel spreadsheet (say 30 days or so). Other items not working well: My position in the driver rankings seems to have frozen: On the website it seems to think that I always drive at a 237 Wh/mile rate and that my drivers score is always 53–I really don’t think I’m that consistent (and I’d like to think that my driver score has increased a bit! LOL).

Due to the above inconsistencies I rarely use MFM for the above features. I’m now in the habit of only using MFM for the basic and reliable features such as:

  • Checking vehicle state (state of charge, plugged in or not)
  • Checking vehicle location
  • Remote control of vehicle (start/stop, lock/unlock)
  • Sending addresses to the nav system (which can also be done from www.mapquest.com to any MFT enabled car)

The funny thing is that even the basic features listed above go well beyond the capabilities of any vehicle I’ve ever owned in the past. In fact, for about 12 hours back in early summer, MFM communication to the cars (all of them–lots of posts on the FFE forums) was down; during that time I missed being able to “talk” to the car–amazing how quickly you become spoiled!