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Budget + Avg

By far the most used and popular dash view/configuration (at least within the myfocuselectric forums) is using MyView showing the climate and “other” current power consumption combined with the Budget + Avg item on the right. I’ve mentioned this display in my “What your dashboard can tell you” post.
The view looks like this:

Ford has a video about how to configure MyView:


(This is the same video I posted in the Range View post.)

This view gives you the most information available about power consumption in the car. The climate graph shows how much power (kW) that the HVAC is currently using (on a cold winter day running the heat will frequently peg this graph). “Other” shows everything else: rear defroster, headlights, radio, seat heat, etc. I don’t think I’ve ever seen “other” go above a tick or two.

Below the two graphs is the usual budget and status values showing the range at start (budget) and the difference between the current calculated range and range at start (status). More explanation of budget/status can be found here.

To the right of those is the infamous “blue cup” (discussed at length here). This gauge is showing three values simultaneously: Budget, instant consumption, and average consumption all in Wh/mile x100. The budget is represented by the blue cup. Instant consumption is the white line and finally average consumption is the two white tick marks. The basics of this display: If you can keep the two white tick marks (average consumption) at or below the top of the blue cup then you will make the budgeted range. If the tick marks fall significantly below the top of the cup you’ll go much farther than the budgeted range. If you’re really driving bad/aggressively and the tick marks are above the blue cup you will not be able to go as far as the budgeted range.

I can easily say that this display stays on my left side dash for a good 95% of my driving if not more (other than the past few weeks when I’ve been experimenting with different displays for these series of posts).


A “new” display…

Playing around with the myriad of display options in the Focus Electric sometimes reveals a gem or two. Even now after driving a few months I stumbled upon a configuration of “MyView” that I don’t think I’ve tried before:
MyView Display
In this view I’ve switched the climate and “other” power meters to the right display and am showing the “power bars”. The “power bars” show the power consumption over the past 5 intervals (intervals can be set for 1, 2, and 5 minutes each making the 5 bars show 5, 10, or 25 minutes of power consumption. In this image I have them set for 1 minute each).
This display serves to show a rolling average of your driving over the past few minutes. Time will tell if I like this new display over my previous favorite information dense display (seen below, and discussed here):
FFE My View display