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What is Ford’s next EV move?

If you are expecting some insider information here you’ll be sorely disappointed! LOL

That’s the rub though: We’ve heard rumors and speculation about what Ford will do in the past but nothing concrete. There have been rumors of an EV MKS, “insider info” about a Focus Energi, many have postulated that an EV MKZ would be perfect from Ford. What have we heard from Ford itself? Crickets..

Even though Ford’s people have said stuff like “We could make a Model S” and “We could make an electric Mustang” the implied statement following both of those would be “but we won’t” (otherwise why say something like that..you’d just do it).

Another point is the fact that Ford did announce the Focus Electric waaay back in 2011 at the Consumer Electronics Show. It wasn’t released to purchase until December 2012–that is almost two years. Granted this was a brand new powertrain for Ford to tackle. For contrast: Ford announced the all aluminum new 2015 F-150 back in January 2014 at the Detroit auto show and it is already “on sale” (you can order one now but can’t take delivery until early 2015). This is only a years timeframe.

This means that a new EV from Ford will be 1 or 2 years out from any announcements they make..and they haven’t said a peep. So all you get now is empty speculation.. and the fear that Ford won’t say anything about EVs for the foreseeable future…

Of course I could be a bit impatient here as well since we are heading into “auto show season” (LA Auto show is next week and it would make sense for Ford to announce any EV news there… we’ll see.)


Whats next, part II?

In my first Whats Next post I described some things that would be nice to have with the next generation of the Focus Electric.

Now I’m approaching my 1/2 point of my lease and have started considering what I may get following the FFE. I still really love the FFE as much as I did when I picked it up, and it still is my most favorite car that I’ve driven. Thus my personal preference would be to either pick up another FFE or just purchase the one I already have. That decision is highly dependent upon what Ford will be doing with the FFE over the next 18 months. I have a feeling that my timing will not be right: My lease will be up in May 2016. I don’t think any new next generation FFE will be available before fall of 2016… On the other hand, that may mean the deals for the 2016 FFEs at the time will be really good? or not?

Other possibilities include (in decreasing order of preference):

  • C-Max Energi
  • Fusion Energi
  • Tesla Model 3 (If available)
  • Another manufacturer’s EV

I kind of have two conflicting “requirements” here: I’d like to stay with Ford if possible, and I’d like to stay with a BEV if possible. If Ford drops the FFE completely that kills one or the other requirement. Nonetheless the next car will have a plug on it.

Of course I also have other considerations: Family. My son will be getting his license over the course of my next car’s ownership (can’t think of an easier car to drive/learn on than an EV. In addition a limited range EV may be perfect for a teen driver.)

So decisions, decisions…fortunately I still have 1.5 years to let all this roll around in my brain. We’ll see what falls out….


More news about the Next Gen Focus

Autoexpress (a UK based site) has a long report about the next version of the Focus and more spy photos.

One of the interesting tidbits there is the addition of a “Focus Energi” model. For those people who want a plugin car but are afraid of the range. This seems like it is a simple thing to do since the C-Max is essentially a taller Focus and they are built at the same plant.

The article mentions about a 25 mile EV only range on the “Focus Energi” (The C-Max gets something like 21 miles). I think that its possible that it would get even more miles than that–perhaps a 30 mile EV only range (making it directly competitive with the Volt to some degree).

The article also mentions that the fully electric Focus will also continue to be produced. Hopefully this is true especially in light of the fact of the Energi version (I can easily see them killing the Electric one because the Energi version “has that covered” to some degree).

Wow, check out the taillights:
Focus Rear picture
Looks like a cluster of 3 gun barrels shooting back at the car behind it! LOL

We’ll find out for real in March (I was hoping that they would reveal the next Focus in Detroit though)….

(Keep in mind that most of the information in that article is pure speculation as no official Ford source is mentioned at all–all they have to go on is the few spy photos and an “inside source”.)