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Can you get it washed?

As I sit here writing this it is kind of a dreary day outside: temperatures in the 60s (F) a constant drizzle is falling down and my Focus Electric is sitting outside plugged in. In this state I’ve never been zapped or so much as felt the slightest tingle when unplugging the car.

Surprisingly I’m frequently asked the “can it get wet?” type of question; sometimes in jest but sometimes not. I suppose the fear is that the car will short out or that I will get electrocuted. Really? These are cars designed to be driven in a wide variety of weather conditions. Surely a puddle or even a slight fog won’t even faze the vehicle.

In the two short months that I’ve had the car its already been run through some pretty typical conditions: Its been through numerous car washes, many downpours, puddles as deep as the bottom of the car, and even down some pretty washboard-ed roads (to the extent that any lose connectors would be immediately apparent as well as any lose fillings in my teeth!).

Remember it is a car first; the mode of propulsion is just that: an engine choice. The frame or glider has already been designed and tested for worse weather than I will ever subject it to.

In addition, the J1772 connector used to charge the car has a sense line that is disconnected before the power lines. The electronics in the EVSE turn off power when it detects that the sense line has been disconnected (thus there is no power on the power lines before the plug is fully removed from the vehicle, and power is not applied until the plug is fully inserted into the vehicle).

So yes you can get it washed and I recommend you do: They look so much better clean!