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DIY Recall

Yesterday my Bosch replacement cables arrived for the Power Xpress EVSE. To my surprise the kit included detailed, clear instructions on how to replace the cables so I did…

The first step was to remove the sticker covering the screws:
Power Xpress panel
The screws are the same square head screws that just about every RV in the world uses which meant that I already had the tool for the job.
Behind the Power Xpress panel
From there its loosen the terminal block screws to pull out the wires, remove the nut to disconnect the ground wire, remove the cable stay, and remove the tension nut at the very bottom.
Once the old cable is out you simply reverse the process to install the new one.
New Cable installed
Finally, plug in the car to test.
New Cable installed
I let the car charge for a good hour to ensure the connections were solid with no ill effects to the EVSE or the car (then I unplugged it and reconnected up the Juicebox LOL since that is my main EVSE).
Total time: about 20 minutes which included trips to/from the basement to retrieve various tools.
Now I await an interesting conversation with the electrician when they call: “Hello we’re calling to perform the cable swap out for your charger.” “Ok I’ve already performed the task, do you need the old cable back?” “What?” “Well the kit came with very clearly illustrated instructions and there was nothing indicating I should wait for the electrician…”

The next chapter in the melting saga

If you’ve been reading this blog a while you may recall one of the stories of my coworker’s car when his charge plug melted. For a refresher here is a picture of the plug:
Melted Vehicle connector

After getting the vehicle side connector replaced twice he finally had Bosch come out and replace the vehicle side wiring of his Power Xpress EVSE. Since then we’ve both been contacted about a recall of the Power Xpress unit. Since then I’ve received a phone call from Bosch stating that parts are finally available and I’ll be contacted by an electrician to swap out the cables.

The funny thing is that last week I received an e-mail with a tracking number from Bosch. Today that package was delivered:
Power Xpress harness

A shiny new wiring harness for my Power Xpress unit (Note that I have not been charging my FFE with the Power Xpress since my coworkers problems with it and about the same time I had noticed that the handle was starting to get a little warm in the morning after a charge. I’ve been making due with either the Juicebox or the Clipper Creek EVSE’s that I have).

What is more interesting about this shipment is that it comes with very clear instructions on how to swap out the wiring harness. I may just do the swap myself and when the electrician calls just tell them that I’ve already performed the task. (The procedure is pretty simple: remove a panel, disconnect the old wires, unscrew the strain relief, remove the old wire, insert the new wire, connect wires, tighten strain relief, and replace the panel.)

Taking a close look at the plug:
Power Xpress plug
Oooh all shiny: These contacts are silver coated. Silver coated contacts don’t corrode. The old plug is all copper which can oxidize and introduce some resistance. Given that 240V at ~30A goes through there even a small amount of resistance here will generate some heat.

Now I’m awaiting a phone call…LOL.


Zen and the art of Focus Electric…

Having a Focus Electric means that you get the best of both worlds:

  • You get all the looks and creature comforts (or lack thereof) that exist in the latest generation of ICE Focus
  • You also get the advantages from driving around a BEV: very quiet ride, very few moving parts, etc.

So far the disadvantages have been:

  • Less trunk space than the ICE Focus. (I don’t mind it much though)
  • Range, but this really isn’t a disadvantage as you start every day with a “full tank”
  • The nagging feeling in the back of your head that the car will stall out with “Stop Safely Now” on the dashboard

I’ve attempted to minimize the last disadvantage above but it did take the shine off the otherwise great experience of driving a BEV. Now to date I haven’t had the issue occur but that didn’t stop me from always planning an escape route while driving just in case. The way new posts were appearing in the forums with more and more people reporting their cars with an issue it appeared that it was just a matter of time before we all had the issue (despite the fact that there are people with over 20,000 miles on their FFE without ever having anything go wrong).

Since the official Ford SSN recall, however, there have been virtually no new posts on the forum with this issue (there was one but that driver had not taken his car in for the recall). A couple of weeks ago I made an appointment with the dealer to get my car in for it. While waiting for the appointment the official recall notice arrived in the mail. Now here we are almost a week after the recall service was performed and I’m finding that I no longer am planning escape routes, no longer wondering if the car will stop–basically that question that was always in the back of my mind while driving the car has been minimized to such an extent that I’m finding new pleasure in driving the car. This is what it was supposed to be like when I first leased the car but the question was always there…

Now this is what driving an EV is supposed to be like! The instant torque, the quiet, the subtle click when the regenerative braking kicks in; its all the same but somehow now feels different…better.


(Granted there still could be another little gremlin running around the car but for now…ignorance is bliss.)