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Mixing it up a bit a little

For years I’ve had an iPhone, four of them to be exact. Yep I’m a “sheeple” as people like to say. Now I’ve never stood around in line in front of an Apple store to get my iPhone, I have for my iPad (Tip: Stand in line in front of the carriers store on launch day instead of an Apple store: The line is shorter–if there is one at all).

The iPhone and MyFord Touch is an interesting combination which works quite well even though there is some obvious overlap (Sync vs Siri). I even had an engineer working with Ford tell me that when designing Sync Ford makes sure that the iPhone works first and foremost. With each new version of MFT/Sync I’ve seen the performance improve and functionality with the phone get better–aside from Bluetooth capability (the earliest versions would attempt to scan the media on the phone via bluetooth and let you command songs “Play artist xyz”. It wasn’t very reliable, though, and Ford pulled that out).

Fast forward to this past weekend: Now that my 2 years has long been up I was looking for a replacement for my 4S. The current batch of new iPhones really don’t look to be much of an improvement over the old (I must be getting jaded to all the new “features”). In addition, ever since Google introduced “Google Now” I’ve been curious about it–a much better take on “intelligence” than anything in the fruity camp. Hence I’ve now switched over to a Galaxy S5 from my iPhone 4S.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the phone: Since I’ve never had an Android phone some of the quirks people talk about it in comparison with other Android phones I barely notice: Its all new to me. (I’m sure long about the 2nd or 3rd paragraph here you’re thinking “Wait I thought this was an EV blog??” Well it is and it isn’t: Its my EV blog, besides I’m getting to that..sort of–at least with respect to how MFT deals with the new phone).

Now I had to delete my old phone and add my new phone to MyFord Touch. All of that went pretty well. In addition the bluetooth connectivity appears to be the same between the two phones (other than the S5 beeping at me every time that Sync commands it to do something). USB connectivity, on the other hand, is a bit different: When you connect an iPhone up to MFT via USB cable MFT scans the phone for all the media (in my case this would take a good 5-10 minutes) and then allow the full range of voice commands (“Play artist abc”, “Play song xyz”, “Play playlist pdq”, or even better, just “Play <something>” LOL).

For the S5: The first thing MFT said when I plugged it in via USB is “This device isn’t supported….”. Then it started playing some music it found on the device: The S5 appears to MFT like a big flash drive so MFT just scanned the drive and started playing what it found. This included a few ringtones that I had copied over and a podcast I had downloaded–but no music. Even funnier: Running Google’s music app proceeded to play music out of the phone’s speakers while MFT was playing the ringtones out of the car’s speakers LOL! At least I could switch back to bluetooth mode and get Google Music to play out of the car’s speakers.

The above results are just from experimenting a little bit with the phone in the car. Some of this makes sense as the S5 has only been out in the US market for a month or two and MFT hasn’t been updated since last year–it isn’t going to know about any of the new phones. Now its time to start Googling for other people’s experiences…