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Misc thoughts and ramblings

So here are a few miscellaneous random thoughts:

  • I’m kind of surprised at the extent Nissan Leaf owners go to monitor their batteries. Is this due to the lack of a TMS? I know you want to eek out every last little mile out of the battery but really: extra power monitors, etc.? Granted I’m sure there are FFE owners doing the same thing. To me that all just sounds like so much more work! LOL You can get % charge remaining on the FFE (an approximation on the dash via the green bar on the battery and an actual value on one of the MFT display screens)–this has been sufficient for myself…?
  • Speed: I had a post about 0-60 times for the various models of Focuses. That isn’t where the FFE really shines though as far as acceleration (which is probably also true for all the EVs on the market today). It really doesn’t matter how fast the motor is going you will still have almost maximum torque available instantly. This makes small short accelerations seem much faster than what you get starting from a stop. Passing cars on the freeway is just a toe dip away in the accelerator. Perhaps I’ll figure out a safe way to record some times (10-30, 30-60, etc.) and post them (most likely by mounting a video camera at the dash). Should be interesting..


How fast to fill up?

Now this is an interesting article: Which Electric Cars Charge the Fastest?

They rightly state at the very beginning:

The problem with asking “which EVs charge the fastest” is while some may think it’s a simple inquiry, it really isn’t. In fact, if we had to put asterisks on the highly qualified answers for the 10 electric cars sold in America, we’d need asterisks for the asterisks.

Even with all the clarifications it really doesn’t matter: As long as the car is fully charged in the morning I’m a happy camper. Granted if your chores for the day will take you further than the range of a full battery then you will be figuring on how much you can charge during the day. For the vast majority of my daily driving, though, I’m well within the range of a charge on the battery.

The ultimate question really is “can it charge overnight” which generally means can it fully charge up from empty within about 8 hours or so. All of the electric cars today can answer yes to that–at least with a Level 2 or better charger.