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Now the car tells me its spring

This morning the car said I had 90 miles of range on a full battery (well the guess-o-meter did). I haven’t seen that kind of estimate since last September! Yesterday’s temps were in the high 30s and overnight it never dropped below 40F. For my morning commute I used a paltry 238 Wh/mile (which means tomorrow’s range estimate will probably be even greater than 90).

This weekend, however, our temps are dropping again. Part of the freeze thaw cycle that destroys roads….


Whats that thing up in the sky?

Whats this? A post about weather again…but wait there is this thing up in the sky, its really bright? In addition I’m standing on something…green? More importantly the guess-o-meter is telling me I have 80+ miles again! Could this be….Spring?

We are now in the midst of the big thaw…all that snow (84″ of snow in Southeastern Michigan as of today) will take some time to melt. It may be August before the last of the piles are gone.

Bring on the warmer weather…!