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Zen and the art of Focus Electric…

Having a Focus Electric means that you get the best of both worlds:

  • You get all the looks and creature comforts (or lack thereof) that exist in the latest generation of ICE Focus
  • You also get the advantages from driving around a BEV: very quiet ride, very few moving parts, etc.

So far the disadvantages have been:

  • Less trunk space than the ICE Focus. (I don’t mind it much though)
  • Range, but this really isn’t a disadvantage as you start every day with a “full tank”
  • The nagging feeling in the back of your head that the car will stall out with “Stop Safely Now” on the dashboard

I’ve attempted to minimize the last disadvantage above but it did take the shine off the otherwise great experience of driving a BEV. Now to date I haven’t had the issue occur but that didn’t stop me from always planning an escape route while driving just in case. The way new posts were appearing in the forums with more and more people reporting their cars with an issue it appeared that it was just a matter of time before we all had the issue (despite the fact that there are people with over 20,000 miles on their FFE without ever having anything go wrong).

Since the official Ford SSN recall, however, there have been virtually no new posts on the forum with this issue (there was one but that driver had not taken his car in for the recall). A couple of weeks ago I made an appointment with the dealer to get my car in for it. While waiting for the appointment the official recall notice arrived in the mail. Now here we are almost a week after the recall service was performed and I’m finding that I no longer am planning escape routes, no longer wondering if the car will stop–basically that question that was always in the back of my mind while driving the car has been minimized to such an extent that I’m finding new pleasure in driving the car. This is what it was supposed to be like when I first leased the car but the question was always there…

Now this is what driving an EV is supposed to be like! The instant torque, the quiet, the subtle click when the regenerative braking kicks in; its all the same but somehow now feels different…better.


(Granted there still could be another little gremlin running around the car but for now…ignorance is bliss.)

We have a recall…

For well over a year now several owners of the Focus Electric have been reporting that the car stalls out dead with “Stop Safely Now” appearing on the dashboard. From the number of complaints it would appear as many as 4-5% of Focus Electric owners have had this issue (maybe more–with less than 2000 vehicles on the road 5% is almost 40 of them).

Many people were getting quite frustrated as the dealer would return their car with “we couldn’t find anything, no codes were set” only to have it happen again. Further frustration would be incurred when calling Ford’s customer service line: “This is the first time we’ve heard of such a problem with the car?” When all someone at Ford would have to do is a google search for “Stop Safely Now”, and even look in their own forums they setup for the car!

Well we finally have a recall for the SSN issue as detailed here, here, here, and here.

I think the Inside EVs article gets to the bottom of the issue:

“The exact nature of the problem with the FFE was a Battery Energy Control Module failing to communicate,  which prevented the bottom HV battery from engaging.”

Hopefully this recall takes care of the vast majority of the SSN (I don’t think it will take care of all of them since some of them have seem to have been due to a low 12V battery).

(Ironically you could get in an accident due to the SSN and be taken to the hospital in a Ford ambulance and have the same thing happen to the ambulance! LOL)