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Are people really aware of EV costs/savings?

A new survey finds that most consumers are not aware of the savings available to them if they purchase an EV.

The Detroit News reported on the study:

  • Only 2 of 758 respondents knew about available home EVSE subsidies
  • 75% were uninformed about savings due to EVs efficiency
  • Consumers couldn’t answer basic factual questions about EVs

This study is very interesting, but I’m not surprised: How often do you see an EV being advertised on TV? (Granted EV advertisements on TV are most likely a very regional thing–I’m sure there are a ton of Leaf commercials on TV in California.) In addition there are certain portions of industry that don’t want to see EVs succeed.

Well look at that: the study data is from 2011 (see details here). As that link says: back in 2011 of course no one knew about EVs–they were just starting then…!