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Just another weather post….

Just as we appear to be on the cusp of spring…bam! we get another blast of winter weather (this blast of winter gave us just enough snow to make this year the snowiest winter on record).

How would this affect an EV? (If you’ve been reading my blog all along you’ll probably guess! LOL) Yesterday our temperatures were in the 70s F, this morning the low was about 27F. Consequently my power consumption average for yesterday was 211 wH/mile and I was greeted with a 90+ range to empty on the guess-O-meter this morning. Today’s power consumption–at least for the commute in–was as high as 270 wH/mile for the exact same route as yesterday (which translates to a guess-O-meter reading of about 70 miles).

Now that I have almost 12 months of driving the car under my belt I had expected this drop. Its becoming easier and easier to predict what tomorrow’s range will be simply based on the predicted high and low temperatures.