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Hey watch those tires!

I’m on my morning commute when I get an alarm tone from the dash and the yellow triangle appears. For a moment I thought the worst but then I looked closer: “Low Tire Pressure”! Really?

Ok granted I haven’t checked the tires since I got the car home back in May so its entirely possible that they are low. I pulled off into the nearest parking lot to check. All four tires appeared to be fine, no obvious bulging from low air and none of the wheels were riding on the rims.

I proceeded down the road to the next gas! station on my route, parked by the air hose and purchased a tire pressure gauge (I have one in the cars at home but not in the FFE). Sure enough the drivers front tire is down to 25lbs (the recommended pressure in the FFE is 38lbs). The TPMS will trigger an alarm when any tire’s pressure drops 25% below recommended (for the FFE that would be about 28lbs and below).

Since there is practically no maintenance requirements for EVs it is easy to forget some of the simple, required stuff like checking the air pressure in your tires!

Update: Checked the pressures with my good tire gauge at home: all 4 were around 25lbs when I got home. Pumped them all up to the 38 recommended and the car rode like it had solid wheels all the way in this morning! LOL